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ACTIVATE provides individualized training and nutrition programs for all ages and abilities. Our sunny, private, 2400 sq. ft. facility is conveniently located in Woburn’s Four Corners. ACTIVATE is owned and operated by Julie Aureli, an ACE-Certified Personal Trainer and Orthopedic Exercise Specialist with eight years experience in the industry.
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ACTIVATE aims to put the “personal” back in Personal Training. We emphasize a holistic approach to fitness in a sunny, comfortable, and private facility. Programs are tailored to each clients’ goals and needs. Our coaches provide the encouragement, techniques, and accountability – but it’s your music, your hour, your dream and your achievement.


Semi-Private Training (2-4 people)

ACTIVATE Semi-Private Training is a fun, cost-effective way to train with friends and family! Learning new techniques and practicing healthy habits in a group setting provides even more motivation and adherence for a sustainable lifestyle change.


Remote E-Training

If you can’t come to ACTIVATE, we can come to YOU via Skype or FaceTime! Whether you’re you’re snowed in (a definite possibility in New England) or on vacation (whoo hoo!), we can train you remotely so that you won’t miss a beat. This is also a great option for those who live outside the Boston area and want to work with an ACTIVATE coach.


Nutrition Consulting

What you eat can often make or break your fitness goals. If you’re not seeing the progress that you’d like, schedule an ACTIVATE Nutrition Consultation. We will spend 30 minutes evaluating your current dietary habits and suggest manageable modifications to get you closer to your goal.